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Mediatick is an interactive design company, which is founded to meet counseling, design and software needs of the corporations during their e-transformation processes and to produce e-solutions for the problems the corporations can meet during this processes.

Mediatick assists to corporations be more active in their markets by decreasing their cost and business failures to the minimum level while increasing their communication, competitin and business feasibility capabilities by producing projects at all fields ,such as mobile applications and digital television applications, related to the new media.

While presenting fully completed services whether by their project experience or by their successfull business past, Mediatick Team regularly observes and interpretes the projects they created.

As Mediatick, we approach the projects with a creative business development and solution understanding. By determining our customers’ needs with this view and understanding, we produce and project the most proper solutions.

Our goal is to develop value added, newcomer services and products in the new media sector, that are aimed at improving and developing all business processes of our customers. Mediatick believes that realizing works appropriate to scientific project methodology is necessary for continuity and consistency.

There are so many things we can make for you! Please contact us for our solutions!